Fly Fishing BC's Interior Lakes


Two hours from Chilliwack BC takes you across the scenic coastal mountains and into the rich, fertile, and alkaline waters of the British Columbia interior.

The drive is spectacular and the surrounding granite topped mountains are guaranteed to take your breath away. The Highway crests at the Coquihalla Summit at an elevation of 4,068 feet. Avalanche chutes scar the mountain sides leaving treeless glades from which many of British Columbia’s native wildlife including moose, deer, bears, lynx, bobcat, cougar, coyote and wolves can be viewed right from the highway.

Descending from the rugged coniferous coastal mountains you will find the rolling ranch lands of the Thompson Okanagan. Alternating stands of mixed deciduous and coniferous forest and natural wildflower meadows predominate the landscape. Rich nutrient filled soil attracted many of the West’s early pioneers to the area and it is these nutrients mirrored in the surrounding lakes that bring the explorers of today.

They come for the trout: Kamloops Trout. Known the world over for their acrobatics and hard fighting ability, this is the strain that makes rainbow trout famous. Kamloops trout are such a worthy adversary that they have been adopted by government angling management plans to increase the quality of their fisheries the world over. From South America to Europe to the United States populations of Kamloops trout can be found, however, nowhere else but here are they at home.

Long warm growing seasons and healthy aquatic environments allow for insect explosions each season. This bonanza of activity ensures fish recover fast from winter and get straight to putting on the pounds, and this they do with enthusiasm. Here we measure the fish in pounds not inches and there are enough trout that break into the double digits to start the adrenalin flowing every time you set the hook.

The geography of the Thompson Okanagan is blessed with a plethora of lakes of all different sizes, shapes and elevations. Take a look at a map of the area and note the patchwork of lakes dotting and crossing the countryside. There are so many lakes to choose from it would take a lifetime to fish them all and several lifetimes to know them all. Don’t worry though, we have narrowed it down for you to our favourite and most productive lakes that our over 300 combined years of angling experience has enabled us to find.

Our selection of interior lakes was made to include something for everyone. If you want to catch lots of easy fish, we have that. If you want to put in the time pursuing a trophy, we have that too. The variety of lakes and their close geographic proximity means that if there is a particular angling activity you find more appealing than others, dry fly fishing for example, we can take you to the lake that specializes in that endeavour. From sight fishing to cruising fish on the shoals to long line chironomid fishing under indicators to trolling a leech, whatever your speed the immense diversity of the interior lakes and opportunities within will surely enable you to find the situation that fulfills your angling dreams.

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