It is all about the Kids. They are the stewards of our sport and those who will carry on the tradition. It is tough now a days for Kids to get out there and experience REAL excitement. With most things that stimulate children being fake; like digital cable and X-box etc, I think a lot of kids really miss out on getting that rush from something that actually is happening to them. Last Saturday was different for a lot of Kids at Cultus Lake at the 2010 Annual Greg Clark Memorial Pike Minnow Derby. Almost 900 people entered the derby which had some awesome prizes and most of these were Kids. We volunteered our boats on the lake and took as many as we could on the boat to get to some better spots. We got some fish and it felt good to see the excitement of the Kids as they were getting bites and reeling in fish and even of just the boat ride.

I love this Sport it it sure feels good to share some of it with all of those little ones. So thank you to all that put it on and congratulations to all the Kids who came out and did something real, I hope you had a good time and I am looking forward to next year already.