Sea run cutthroat can be the most frustrating and the most rewarding trout to catch. There are times when you can spend most of the day just trying to find them. This year we have found many more rewards than frustrations. It seems a resurgence of hatchery stocking as well as rebounding wild stocks has the Cutthroat numbers climbing higher than we have seen in a long time. This Winter, shoals of juvenile cutts (10-15") were living in several riffles of the main stem Fraser and up to 40 fish days were not unheard of. Now that the large fish are done producing next years stocks, they are back in the rivers and eating hard on the newly emerged fry. We have had several trips over the last couple of months and all have been very successful. here are a few photos:




We have even been getting them to rise to a dry fly skated as fast as you can pull it.... Talk about exciting grabs we even managed to catch this one on camera. With the high speed shutter blaring this is two consecutive photos of a cutthroat attacking the dry and the subsequent miss as the fly doesn't find a hold.


Quite a display none the less