We had a local group out in the beginning of November looking for some of those famous NORTHERNS

Day one saw us on the Harrison with several hookups and 2 landed fish:



The first one to the boat got us so excited we forgot to hang on 




Day 2 was to a remote river where a slight increase in water volume was bringing in the freshies


We started the day off with a beautiful Cutthroat followed by an obese Bull Trout gorged on salmon eggs

Then it was Coho time. First one rolled and then they were every where. Fresh into the river and eating everything we threw in the water

This one ate the fly as it was stripped down stream............ Presentation? I don't think so.....Just get the fly in the water


 In fishing you are always hearing about how good the fishing was yesterday and how "you should have been here last week". Well we should have been here today!         And were!