A two day Odyssey of pristine wilderness fly fishing for my two new friends of the south began with the jet boat, an eight weight and the dream of a bent rod.....I believe it was cast three that brought Werner's dream to life when the fly stopped, he pulled.....and the line pulled back. After 12 rounds and 6 hours of fighting we were ten miles down river and both Werner and the fish were spent. As we rolled 60lbs of silver toward the waiting net the salmon found one last bit of strength to make a final lunge that nobody was ready for......Breaking the leader....and Werner's Heart in the process. And with not even a picture, who is to say not every word is true, Hey Werner.

Chris followed closely in his fathers shoes but hooking and losing the second Chinook of the day 2 casts into the spot Werner had just hooked his. And while Dad was playing around with a bull trout




Chris finally put the first salmon, a colored Sockeye Buck, to the beach



We then went on the Bull trout Round up by heading way up river. 




Then it was back down to beat up on some more Sockeye 



On the way back to the boat, Chris mentioned that the only thing this day was missing was to see a bear eating the salmon. But on the way down river.....Low and behold. 



Day 2: Floating lines, dry flies and trout that look up......Awww Chris, you don't need that head net out on the river


That's better...... Hooked up and hangin' on. 



What a beautiful fish!!! 




Werner is working it out there

And the result........ Many rises to his fly, including this little gem 




And finally, who doesn't like a nice piece of tail.