A Photo Diary of the Fishing Adventures of the Guides and Guests of BC Fly Fishing Charters

Mid November

clock November 21, 2009 19:07 by author curtis

It is Mid November and as I check the river it is looking awful white. With the water hovering around the freezing mark and snow and freezing rain falling all day I was sure thankful for the heater on the boat.


 We even managed to get some fish

Some days just making it through the day is a success. Although fishing in a winter wonderland IS pretty COOL

At it again gettin' the big rods BENT

clock November 21, 2009 19:03 by author curtis

Once again out chasing Sturg on the fly. Fished for an hour on the tide, Swung on three and finally managed to stick this one. Not huge but man do they PULL


Late season COHO

clock November 15, 2009 18:44 by author curtis

We had a local group out in the beginning of November looking for some of those famous NORTHERNS

Day one saw us on the Harrison with several hookups and 2 landed fish:



The first one to the boat got us so excited we forgot to hang on 




Day 2 was to a remote river where a slight increase in water volume was bringing in the freshies


We started the day off with a beautiful Cutthroat followed by an obese Bull Trout gorged on salmon eggs

Then it was Coho time. First one rolled and then they were every where. Fresh into the river and eating everything we threw in the water

This one ate the fly as it was stripped down stream............ Presentation? I don't think so.....Just get the fly in the water


 In fishing you are always hearing about how good the fishing was yesterday and how "you should have been here last week". Well we should have been here today!         And were!

Our friends for Scotland #2

clock November 12, 2009 16:21 by author curtis

Between the high hopes of a Chinook fisherman and the aching arms of a Chum fisherman there needs to be some filler...........Right?

Well check out this for "filler":




Sockeye and Coho, target or filler it is your call but one thing that is for sure is that they are aggressive and a heck of a lot of fun on the fly.

To all my new friends from Scotland, I thank you. People like you make this life on the river enjoyable, I cherish the memories we made and look forward to the ones of the future.

PS: Nice Reel Mr. Bell

Old Friends and New friends

clock November 6, 2009 16:40 by author curtis

Long time Friend and fishing buddy, Martin, from England decided this year to share his love of BC and the fishing that it offers to a few of his friends from back home. New to fishing in general we decided if you want to do it you midas well start off doing it right, so forget the natural progression of a fisherman and lets just skip ahead to fly fishing with the double hander. This is one of Martins favorite ways to fish and on one of his many favorite venues.....the main stem of the Fraser.......Check out a little of what we got:



John's first fish EVER

 But clearly not his last.

 fresh off the tide


Nice.......and check out that fish.


 Coho on the main stem.


 A little silver lining.



Martin, it was a pleasure as always, and thank you for sharing your wonderful friends with us. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.