A Photo Diary of the Fishing Adventures of the Guides and Guests of BC Fly Fishing Charters

Our Friends from Scotland.

clock October 28, 2009 16:11 by author curtis

"Blessed be a salmon fisherman with a river full of salmon" ..... These boys came across the pond to do business and make it happen they did. Spending much of their time fishing the endless waters of the Mighty Fraser, they felt the grab and experienced Chrome:




Big Water and near Perfect Chum Salmon. Feel the big grab on a long swing and it is not the fish who is truly hooked.

Chinook of the late Fall

clock October 28, 2009 15:40 by author curtis

These may not be the prettiest Chinook we have ever caught but the low waters this Fall sure made them accessable to the Fly and boy are they aggressive......... Not to mention Friggin Huge. Most of them still had to be landed with the aid of the boat.

Two handed rods and Huge animals on the other end.

 See how our Scotish friends did on the Chum, Sockeye and Coho in the following post. 



Kyle's Chinook

clock October 20, 2009 16:01 by author curtis

7 Albertans came West for one last fish before the doldrums of Winter set in, Many salmon of all species were hooked and of the 5 Chinook salmon hooked between the group it was kyle who managed to put the beast to the beach. An incredible fish and on an 8wt single hand no less. The poor nine and a half footer groaned under the strain as kyle tested not only the strength of leaders and knots but of the rod its self. As you can see everything held and there was nothing left but to "Grip and Grin".  





 Well Done Kyle......NICE FISH!!!!!!

You can see some of the Chum salmon the boys landed in the "ode to Chum" post made earlier.

Thank you to my friends from Alberta I look forward to seeing you again next year.

Ode to Chum

clock October 20, 2009 15:45 by author curtis

Well we did our Ode to Coho so here we go again with the Chum. Undisputedly one of the hardest fighting cold water fish on the planet. When you can get them fresh they are awesome:



Hello COHO

clock October 20, 2009 15:39 by author curtis

To all you die-hard coho fanatics........The Coho are in, and it has been and is looking to continue to be a very Silver fall:


This will conclude our ODE -TO-COHO for now.

Pacific Salmon GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!

clock October 20, 2009 13:59 by author curtis

Since the last post 4 guests of BC Fly Fishing Charters have completed the Pacific Salmon Grand Slam. What is the grand slam you ask ????? ......... well it is landing all 5 species of pacific salmon in a single trip.

First was Christian from the UK. After an epic morning of catching many pinks and Coho (unfortunately we were so engrossed with the coho that we did not even take any pictures of the Pinks) we headed back out to the boat for Chum, Sockeye, and even the Chinook, which was quite literally next to the boat.... What makes this story even more interesting is that it was Christian's first time ever fishing for pacific salmon..... Well done Christian.




Next to complete the SLAM was John, and the funny thing about this one was that John had the Chinook, Coho, Sockeye and Chum without any problem and it was the Pink that eluded him. Other members of his party hooked many of them when we were fishing for other things but when it came time to focus on Pink we had to make a hike back in to a secluded back channel that was thought to contain a little of that color. Well it was, and John completed his slam a few minutes after arriving. Well Done John. 




Henry was the next in the Slam series but was so quick to get the fish back into the water I could hardly get a photo of him or his fish. In fact I was only able to get two pictures of Henry's fish and to do this I had to try all methods of coaxing and persuasion.



Nice fish Henry.... next time hang on to them for a little longer and we will get all your fish up here :)

Finally we have Gary who was able to hone in on everything but the "King". So we changed our tactics to casting and retrieving in the deep water out of the boat with the 12 wt. It was here he finally got the big grab and after a long and very intense battle, coming close to the net several times, we all held our breath as he made a final pass beside the boat and entered the net. Too big to lift into the boat we sacrificed the net and brought him to shore a few meters away for a photo-op.


Again with every pink we figured "not to worry there will be more" and of course never managed a photo of one of Gary's many Pinks. And on a side note: while Gary's coho may have lacked in size he sure made up for it with the "King". Congratulations Gary!!!!

And congratulations to all who were able to complete the slam in 2009. It will not be until 2011 when we will be able to make another stab at it and I am already looking forward to it.

First Week of October

clock October 7, 2009 16:36 by author curtis

They say Variety is the spice of life and if that is the case this past week has been served with a side of Habenero. Every day has been totally different. From the waters we are fishing (Quiet back waters to fast rapids to the main stem of the Mighty Fraser) to the fish we are catching....... i do not think there has been a day yet this month where we didn't land at least 3 different species of salmon..... and the methods we are using to get them.

 Here is a smattering of photos for the first week of October 09:

 Second Cast of Liam's first ever salmon trip.......

Bar of chrome Sockeye

One of several doubles for the day

Although being out fished, Dad still breaks out the camera to record another of his boys fish. 

Here we go, they each go one this time

Mr Nielsen all the way from Denmark with a big Sockeye

 Preparing for a hike

LIFT   Gert    LIFT......

A monster that put up the fight of the lives on both ends of the rod