A Photo Diary of the Fishing Adventures of the Guides and Guests of BC Fly Fishing Charters

Summer 2010 Newsletter

clock August 2, 2010 09:27 by author curtis
Well I know everyone has been waiting for it so here we go with our second issue of the BCFFC Quarterly.......Summer 2010

newsletter summer 10.pdf (2.28 mb)


clock August 2, 2010 08:31 by author curtis

It was the first time fishing a river and the first run of the day for my new buddy Leo. After a brief demo it was only a few casts before the lion roared, the rod was bent and the fish was ON. The battle was epic as only a Chinook can be and as Leo's hand grabbed the wrist of the tail of his prize, it was trembling. "This is the biggest fish I have ever caught, my first Salmon on the fly and my first fly caught fish in a river." He said as the fish swam back into the depths........ Well what can I say..."There is no Nookie like Chinookie"!!!

Of course there were some other fish on this trip was well, and once all of the banana's were out of the boat we had some good fun with the Sea-Run Bull's


Well Done Boys!! and Congratulations Leo on a fish not soon to be forgotten.

2010 Annual Greg Clark Memorial Derby

clock June 24, 2010 03:30 by author curtis

It is all about the Kids. They are the stewards of our sport and those who will carry on the tradition. It is tough now a days for Kids to get out there and experience REAL excitement. With most things that stimulate children being fake; like digital cable and X-box etc, I think a lot of kids really miss out on getting that rush from something that actually is happening to them. Last Saturday was different for a lot of Kids at Cultus Lake at the 2010 Annual Greg Clark Memorial Pike Minnow Derby. Almost 900 people entered the derby which had some awesome prizes and most of these were Kids. We volunteered our boats on the lake and took as many as we could on the boat to get to some better spots. We got some fish and it felt good to see the excitement of the Kids as they were getting bites and reeling in fish and even of just the boat ride.

I love this Sport it it sure feels good to share some of it with all of those little ones. So thank you to all that put it on and congratulations to all the Kids who came out and did something real, I hope you had a good time and I am looking forward to next year already.



Bull Trout Heaven

clock June 22, 2010 14:26 by author curtis

Not sure what to say here other than I love this time of year. I will let the Pictures do the talking for me:


Summer Bull Trout Fishing

clock June 16, 2010 18:29 by author curtis

Met a new friend from Down Under on Saturday who couldn't come to BC without wetting a fly. So we hooked up the Jet and headed into the mountains to show him what BC is all about. While the connection to the first fish was lost he managed to say hello to the next five. The second being in the NINE pound mark.


To condense 9 hours into a sentence; we saw some incredible country, got a slight sun burn, hooked around 20 fish landing an even dozen, and left with a sore arm and some Auzzi bragging rights for the next few years. Thank you and well done Grahame


Looks like a sore arm to me Grahame


A Day in May

clock May 16, 2010 13:21 by author curtis

Our good friend Martin was here again this spring to sample a little of what fishing the rivers in BC in the spring is all about. After 4 days on the Columbia we decided to do a little Sturgeon Fishing to give the back a rest after wading in all the big rocks of the Columbia. Then we were back at it again on the Squamish and had a brilliant day on the wild Bull Trout that are plentiful in the river at this time. Then it was off to the Vedder to try for some Spring Steelhead. Martin managed to hook one after a long cast to the opposite bank but after a cartwheeling jump and a short run to the middle of the river the fish won its freedom. Then it was back to Sturgeoning and some of the hottest fish we have ever seen. With not a fish under 5 foot and all of them fighting a foot or more over their weight class it was a day we will not soon forget. The weather was unbelievable throughout the trip; bright sunny and HOT. It was sad to say good by but we will see you again in August my friend. So until next time........... 




Update from August 23 2009

clock April 13, 2010 15:00 by author curtis

I had posted this post back at the beginning of September of a show we filmed with Jimmy Houston and have since received some pictures from the trip as well as the approximate date of Airing of the show. We will see the show air on the Versus Network sometime in mid July and when I get the exact date I will let everyone know..... Cheers




August 23rd saw us on the water with fishing legend Jimmy Houston filming for an upcoming episode. We managed to get a fly rod into his hands, and he made it work, showing us how it was done on his second cast by hooking a large Chinook which threw him on a jump. We hooked a number of Sockeye salmon and a couple of beautiful Bull Trout at various parts of the river before heading to the "Ace In the Hole" at he last part of the day. Jimmy and his daughter Sherri lit it up with Sockeye after Sockeye and didn't stop until long after the camera was out of film and the batteries were dead. It was awesome to see someone who has been fishing for so long and done just about everything still lovin' it so much...... Well Done Jimmy.

Pictures will be coming soon and I will post the air time of the show when we find it out. 

Introducing the BCFFC Quarterly

clock April 7, 2010 09:28 by author curtis
We have started a quarterly newsletter to provide a little information and hopefully some entertainment to those who like to, want to, or have ever thought about fly fishing in South West BC. Have a look and if you have any comments or suggestions please pass them on......... Enjoy

newsletter spring 10.pdf (1.99 mb)

More Fly Fishing For Sturgeon

clock April 7, 2010 09:09 by author curtis

Tides were looking good the other day so we decided to tackle some Sturgeon..... Fly tackle them that is. We landed 6 fish in total on the fly rods with 2 of them being equal to our 3rd largest. We managed to get a bunch of it on video also so stay tuned.


The one below has a nasty net cut. The net was embedded over an inch all around the fish. We managed to cut the net and get it off of him so hopefully he will recover. Probably the best thing he could have done was get caught.


Fly Fishing for Sea-Runs

clock April 7, 2010 08:43 by author curtis

Sea run cutthroat can be the most frustrating and the most rewarding trout to catch. There are times when you can spend most of the day just trying to find them. This year we have found many more rewards than frustrations. It seems a resurgence of hatchery stocking as well as rebounding wild stocks has the Cutthroat numbers climbing higher than we have seen in a long time. This Winter, shoals of juvenile cutts (10-15") were living in several riffles of the main stem Fraser and up to 40 fish days were not unheard of. Now that the large fish are done producing next years stocks, they are back in the rivers and eating hard on the newly emerged fry. We have had several trips over the last couple of months and all have been very successful. here are a few photos:




We have even been getting them to rise to a dry fly skated as fast as you can pull it.... Talk about exciting grabs we even managed to catch this one on camera. With the high speed shutter blaring this is two consecutive photos of a cutthroat attacking the dry and the subsequent miss as the fly doesn't find a hold.


Quite a display none the less