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Situated in the heart of British Columbia`s Costal Mountains lies a hidden gem of a trout and salmon river. Accessible by boat only over the 157 square mile Harrison Lake, the Lillooet valley truly is a land that time forgot.
The length and size of Harrison Lake as well as the ability of the weather to turn the lake into a churning ocean like sea of cresting swells, make it a foreboding journey to those who are ill equipped.
There are times every year when trips need to be postponed or changed due to the unpredictability of the lake.


However, the rewards for completing the journey far surpass the rigors of making it. Normally a day trip, done in one of our deluxe custom designed jet boats, many of our customers feel that one day was not close to enough time to explore all the possibilities that the river has to offer. For them we have developed our Lillooet River Camp.
Nestled in a secluded spot on the bank of the Lillooet River the Lillooet River Camp is a remote wilderness wall tent camp with separate guest, guide and eating quarters. All of the amenities though rustic are here including an outhouse with an incredible view of the river and a hot shower. The camp is all inclusive with the exception of alcohol and all meals are prepared by our fantastic camp chef.

Staying at the camp also allows guests the opportunity to fish above the canyon on the Lillooet. This area of the river rarely sees anglers and usually the only foot prints are those you made. Too far from the town of Harrison to go for a daytrip this area of the river can only be fished during multiple day expeditions. During your stay at the camp there will be at least one day spent above the canyon. The camp chef will accompany the guide boats up the river to prepare a hot shore lunch and photograph the morning’s adventures. The trout fishing is incredible in this area of the river and there are a number of junction runs between major rapids that migrating salmon and steelhead have to stop and rest in. A day spent fishing above the canyon not to mention the boat ride to get there will surely be a highlight of your fishing experience.

With virtually no travel time from the camp to the fishing the amount of time spent on the water actually fishing is greatly increased. This means more photos in your camera. In fact we had many guests hitting camp water before breakfast in the morning and getting a few fish under their belt before the day even began.

Our Lillooet River Camp is also a great place for a corporate retreat. Take five of your best salesmen or customers and show your appreciation with a trip, the memories of which will last and be cherished for a life time.

Although the camp is a diehard fly fisher’s wet dream it is also an incredible experience for the non fisher person as well. The surrounding mountain vistas and sparkling glaciers are sure to take you breath away. The wild life viewing is spectacular with exceptional populations of deer, bears, and eagles as well as a plethora of other species regularly seen in their natural habitat.

Want to learn how to fly fish? What better place to learn this ancient piscatorial art then a remote secluded mountain stream. All of our guides are excellent casting and fishing instructors with a multitude of patience and encouragement. Long casts are not often needed to catch fish and it is encouraging for our beginners that they are able to catch fish as they are learning. A multi day trip will allow you to get into a rhythm of casting and catching the skills of which will last you for a lifetime.

British Columbia Fly Fishing Charters is not willing to compromise this outstanding resource to turn a profit so we are limiting the camp to six anglers at a time. We have three outstanding guides who live to fish this river and know it and its fish intimately. Only two guide boats will run each day with three anglers per boat and with more water available than both boats could come close to covering in a week, we and you can be assured that there is not an issue with fishing pressure.

Unfortunately due to the extreme limitations for space we impose on this trip we are not always able to accommodate everyone who would like to experience a stay at the Lillooet River Camp. Please click on the booking link or give us a call to find out if there are spaces available.

More Pictures of our Fishing Camp



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